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JUST IN: Melania Announced Huge Health Issue Trump Struggling With Now – Needs Prayers

President Donald Trump is one of the hardest working presidents our nation has ever had. He’s worked non-stop since he took often, taking on overtime hours, often through the night, sacrificing sleep to make America great again. He made promises to the people in this country who voted for him and has been keeping them, as he knows everyone is counting on him to do what he says.

Being the most powerful man in the world and picking up a mess his predecessor left him, comes at quite a sacrifice. Most of that which he has forgone, like his privacy, leadership role over his real estate empire, and even some financial compromises, have been known by the public. However, there’s far more he has been dealing with in silence that has not been revealed until it could no longer be kept from the American people.

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Without question, President Trump has had to deal with more than most leaders of this country, sadly, from citizens within this nation who seem hell-bent on removing from office or otherwise ruining his life however they can. It’s repulsive and should be unacceptable to treat our president with such disdain, but his detractors are emboldened by the equally incensed leftist media, former leaders and politicians, and other corrupt liberals in the public eye with a platform

Trump has been the brunt of an onslaught of personal attacks since before he was elected, yet he forges on and accomplishes what he set out to. His success is measurable, even if those who hate him refuse to accept it. But how much can one person take?

The constant stress and pressure just to do the president’s job is immensely taxing, but Trump has it at least three times as hard with the constant attacks, on-going investigations, and new allegations with no end in sight.

Melania is now concerned for his health as she’s witnessed the toll it has all taken on her husband. Despite the silent struggle, Trump keeps going for the American people, refusing to let the left get to him in public. His detractors have gone too far, however, it’s doubtful that Melania sounding the alarm will stop them now – instead, you can bet they’ll use it against him

Melania Trump is worrying about the stress Donald Trump is ‘under’ from the ongoing Mueller investigation! A source close to Melania told HL EXCLUSIVELY that she still ‘believes’ him.

Following Michael Cohen‘s three-year sentencing, Melania Trump has become “concerned” about how her husband Donald Trump is dealing with the continuing Russian investigation. A source close to the first lady told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how the ongoing Mueller investigation has affected Donald’s health. “Melania is concerned about the effect all these investigations are having on Donald’s health, but she isn’t concerned about the outcome of any investigations,” our source told us. “Melania believes her husband’s claim that he’s being subjected to a ‘witch hunt’ and that there’s no truth to the allegations against him.”

Meanwhile, Melania has noticed Donald is more stressed than usual. “Donald is still under immense stress right now though,” our source added. “He feels like he’s being attacked from all sides and that his enemies will stop at nothing to bring him down, and Melania can’t help worrying about how his body is dealing with all that stress, which keeps growing by the day.”

Melania, who recently insisted that she and the president have great “chemistry,” is trying to support Donald amid the growing pressures of the investigation. “Melania is doing what she does best in these kind of situations,” our source went on to say. “She’s being Donald’s rock, and a soothing voice of calm and reason. She’s there for him 100 percent.”

Trump is only human but he’s stronger and braver than most and won’t stop until the job is done. His detractors can try all they want, but he’s not going anywhere. It’s disturbing that people will go to this length to destroy another human, let alone our president, simply because he wasn’t who they voted for.

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